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The Disc Jockeys - most of the topics at the website are related to House and Dance Music, but in general it's kind of a resource for all Electronic Music fans and DJs.
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Run by Disc Jockeys, a team with 20+ years of experience in clubbing and entertainment industry. Read More... >>>


The Disc Jockeys website is all about music (especially about House music, Dance music and Electronic music).

We launched TDJ ( in July 2013 with an idea to make it an ultimate place for electronic dance music (EDM), DJs and clubbing culture.
Here you can find a lot of useful information, blog articles and interesting news related to Dance and House music scene (dance / house music artists, record labels, as well as the technology behind it), and entertainment industry. is kind of a resource for dance music fans.

The team behind this project have 20+ years of experience in above mentioned areas.

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